High-quality wines are obtained from our vineyards with ancient, natural methods

Chianti D.O.C.G.
Is produced with selected grapes which are made into wine with complete respect of our Tuscan tradition. It is brilliant, of an intense ruby red color characterized by its dry, harmonious, slightly tannic flavor.

Vernaccia di San Gimignano D.O.C.G.
It comes from a great, historic tradition, and has a faint straw-yellow color with green reflections. It is a fine, penetrating dry wine with a slightly bitter aftertaste, which confirms its typicality.

Rosso Toscano
A rich-bodied wine that is very pleasant, and not excessively intense, which renders it an easy match for various menus.

Vin Santo
It is a raisin dessert wine typical of Tuscan hospitality. It is a particularly good match with tea biscuits cookies, such as cantuccini, crostatas and desserts typical to Siena.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Obtained from hand-picked olives from plants of various qualities such as Frantoio, Muraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino.

It comes from the first, cold pressing of olives, done with modern presses, and has a green color with golden yellow tendencies, and a fresh taste of a freshly-picked olive.

It distinguishes itself from the others, thanks to a light pinch that sweetens in time. It has a beautiful acidity (circa 0,1%) and is perfect on bread, on raw or cooked vegetables, offering personality and taste to many dishes of a typically Tuscan, or international cuisine.

Millefiori Honey
It is produced throughout the summer, therefore it is called millefiori (1000 flowers) because there is no dominant botanical essence. It is proposed not only as a simple sweetener, but as an excellent natural food.

Spring Honey
It is a honey produced exclusively from the nectar of the spring flowers found on the territory of the hills of Siena at the middle of spring. It is a light, straw-yellow color and has a delicate, slightly vanilla aroma. Diabetics can enjoy it in small doses since it is rich in fructose. Perfect for children and for sweetening beverages.