Town of Etruscan-Roman period built with Tuscan tiles and home town of writer Giovanni Boccaccio.
Certaldo alta
The city of origin Etruscan is built on a hill of 334 meters with 13 towers remaining from the original 72 towers built in the year 1300.
San Gimignano
Of Etruscan origin, is known as one of most beautiful cities of Italy. It is full of history, art and culture. It is also the city of the Palio.
A cultural and artistic city, unique in Europe. It is the native city of famous people like Dante Alighieri, Machiavelli and Galileo Galilei.
Ancient town surrounded by defensive fortifying walls that represent even today and interesting medieval corner.
City of Alabaster with 3000 years of history, from a hill of 550 meters dominates as far as the sea the whole valley Cecina.
Ancient city surrounded by fortification walls used today as an important urban park and there is a square of the Amphitheatre.
A very old city, well known for its numerous historical monuments, including the famous <i>Leaning Tower</i>.
Town mainly known for the magnificence of its medieval buildings and for the “Noble Wine” appraised in the whole world.
In one of the most impressive sceneries in Tuscany we find the ruins of the great Abbey of San Galgano with the pavement of daisies and the ceiling of stars. The Rotunda of Montesiepi where we see the sword of the Saint inserted in the rock.
San Galgano
Dedicated to the martyrdom and the shrines of Saints Sebastiano and Antimo. Charlemagne later founded a monastery on which the Abbey was built.
<i>Ideal City</i> ordered by Pope Pio II Piccolomini is famous even for the cheese <i>Pecorino</i>.